When the Ahr valley was flooded before 2021, I found the journalistic pictures of the photographers very interesting. They often showed completely destroyed cars lying in places where they would normally never have gone. These cars cemented the extraordinary drama of the situation in an almost cautionary way.

These representatives of an idea of freedom, who in their sum are responsible for 25% of all CO2 emissions in the EU, were for me both: Victims and perpetrators.

Due to these thoughts I photographed "scrap cars" in Ahrweiler. These wrecked cars were montaged by me in landscapes, which appear similarly dreary by the winter as the destroyed cars. However, you can see that the landscapes are not destroyed, on the contrary, in spring or summer they could be very beautiful. The collages create something immediate and casual. As if it were possible that the viewer could accidentally discover the cars during a walk.

Despite their destruction, these cars tell nothing about the past, but about the future.