To question the common portrayals of the dinosaur

What did dinosaurs look like from behind?

No one has ever seen dinosaurs alive, and yet we have a pretty accurate conception of their appearance. We think we know how they moved, what their skin looked like, and what sounds they made. But much of this is based on speculation. We also do not really know anything about the sexual organs of the prehistoric creatures. Soft tissues are almost never preserved through fossilization. There are various scientific assumptions about the way in which dinosaurs reproduced. The most likely is they had only one outlet for their genitals, ureters and intestines. The sewer. They can be found in all birds, most reptiles and a few mammals, like the beaver. But then what does a dinosaur cloaca look like? The dinosaur sculptors won't know for sure either. As with the skin and some other details, the design is more of a semi-scientific proposal. One more reason to take a closer look at the giant dinosaur mockups that can be found in so many theme parks.

The work was created as part of an independent project in collaboration with illustrators from HAW Hamburg.