Bear Girls

Target & Indian girls


Homage to Meret Oppenheim & poisonous mushrooms


Bear Girl in forest & Bear Girl in bedroom


Grasses & Doe skin


Dandelion & Polar Bear


Girl with fur & Tepee rack


Wisent & Bathing sheep


Gesa & Tepee


Indian tree & Girls in the woods


Deshina & Huski


Dark branches & Lili


Seawater & Amalia


Birch forest & Ear of deer


Girl in evening dress & Dark trees


Bear target & Cuddly toys


Bear & Fireworks


Girl with fur in woods & Sleeping bear


Autumn meadow & Mia


Superman & Stork


Bloody shirt & Plumes in grass


Sleeping girl & Feather on red soil


Marlene & Wolves


Branches on a tree & Ladder in a tree


Lilli & Shed


Indian hut & Shack with weathercock


Daya and Mila & Scull


Maya & Tepee


Marlene & Clouds ante mountains


Fire & Hunters vest


Light from below 1 & Light from below 2


Lina & Autumn scrub


Bear Girls

Somewhere in North America or Canada, there is a tribe of Indians who dress their pubescent girls in large bearskins. The girls all live together just outside the village, the bearskins protecting them from the gaze of the adults and boys. They are even advised to be particularly slow and clumsy, to mimic the movement of a bear. This protected environment allows them to mature in a carefree and undisturbed way. They themselves determine the moment when they finally throw off their bearskin, and become part of the community of grown-up women. Girls of this tribe may even decide to become braves. Not many do, but some have.

When I recently told a friend about this, she was certain she had heard of this tribe before.

As it happens, I made it all up myself.


Deichtorhallen, Hamburg 2019